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10-11 a.m.
Discovery Preschool at 2035 26A Street SW

With the support of The Calgary Zoo and Little Green Thumbs, Discovery Preschool students have been planting, watering and tending to their indoor garden. The children have harvested five varieties of delicious herbs that are ready for sale: basil, greek oregano, cilantro and calendula. Our budding young gardeners will be on hand to share their knowledge of how food is being produced right in their own classroom.

The goal of this event is to nurture the connection between nature and healthy food and to demonstrate how we can share that harvest with our community. We hope this event will unlock the magic of gardening for students by giving them the opportunity to become food producers right in their classroom.

At the beginning of the school year we asked our three year olds “What do we grow in a garden?” and one of the children responded “ Tomatoes and marshmallows”. After months of  tending to a garden our student now have a clear understanding of what grows in a garden.

The Little Green Thumbs indoor gardening program for students provided all of the gardening supplies including pots, hydroponic lights, soil, and fertilizer, and the Calgary Zoo taught the little gardeners about how plants grow, how to identify seeds, and check on the progress of the garden.