Ms. Danielle has been teaching for 5 years and loves that she gets to explore and learn alongside her students each day. With a Bachelor of Education completed in 2012, she has enjoyed a wide variety of teaching experiences from preschoolers to adults, and children with special needs. After relocating to Calgary, she was introduced to the ideologies of Reggio Emilia, which closely reflects her approach to child development and inspires her work each day. She is passionate about play and interest-based learning, which she strongly believes best supports the developmental needs of her young students, and fosters inquiry and an excitement for learning. She aims to help her students make connections to and appreciate the world around them through collaborative projects, community exploration, outdoor play and bringing natural materials into the classroom. Ms Danielle loves reading stories, imaginative games, and creating music alongside her students and on her ukelele. She greatly values the cooperation that exists at Discovery between children, families, and teachers, and looks forward to making new friends with each new year!




Ms. Natalie’s love and passion for children stems from within her own personality. She is a kid at heart with an endless curiosity for life and a hunger to learn. Her journey into early childhood education began 10 years ago when she was given the opportunity to create a therapeutic creative arts based program for children and youth living in a group home. It taught them the fundamentals of photography using creative assignments to support their skills and express themselves through the photos they took.  At the end of the program she set up an exhibition at “The Art Gallery of Calgary”, so that the children could feel proud of their photographs and share their creative journey and perspectives with the world. This experience then guided her to attend school in Barcelona, Spain, where her focus continued in the therapeutic arts, embarking her on her own therapeutic process and allowing her to gain the skills and insight into the practice of using arts as a gateway to her own growth and development. Upon her return she volunteered at the therapeutic arts centre at The Calgary Children’s Hospital, ran a creative arts centre at Tiny Towne School House, worked as a special needs assistant, created and taught a pre-preschool program for Creative Arts at Valleyview and continued to teach as an Early Childcare Educator at Kinderhouse Presechool for 4 1/2 years. Throughout her experience she has come to learn and strongly believe in the creative approach of the Reggio Emilia philosophy: learning through a process that allows children to express their thoughts and feelings, promoting their creative expression that in return encourages their individuality and independence and helping to build their confidence, communication and language skills, ultimately laying the foundation to support them both academically and socially.


Ms Aleks







Ms. Aleks is inspired to teach by the wondrous curiosity of young children and the way in which they interact with  the natural world and with each other. Miss Aleks has been teaching preschool for four wonderful and fulfilling years in Calgary, Alberta. With a Masters of Education, she has focused her passions on Environmental Education and the Reggio Emilia philosophy. She strongly feels that this combination of EE and Reggio cultivates the child’s creative expression, builds confidence, enhances capability, and fosters inquiry as the foundation of learning. The natural environment is used as a catalyst in this learning, as it stimulates the senses and creates a heightened awareness of universal connectedness. The importance of play in this development is essential and Miss Aleks loves to bring out her inner child to engage in the excitement of play together with the children. Children can expect yoga adventures, mindfulness practices, outdoor play, explorative art, and so much more!